Traveling Kauai With Kids

Traveling to and on Kauai with kids can be a little bit of a challenge (especially with babies or toddlers). To make things easier on you, here are some quick tips to make traveling to Kauai with children easier and more fun.

The Flight to Kauai With Kids

  • To make a flight with babies or toddlers more comfortable be sure to ask for bulkhead seating. You’ll have more legroom and no risk of someone in front of you putting their seat back. This request must be made in advance.
  • Don’t forget to bring some little toys, crayons and coloring books so they don’t get too bored on the long flight.
  • To help your little ones unblock their ears from the air pressure, give them some chewing gum – for babies give them a bottle or something to suck on. Sucking relieves the pressure. It can be especially rough during descent so make sure the kids and babies are awake and sucking.
  • If you’re flying to Kauai from the eastern US, then you might want to consider an overnight stopover in California. This will make the long flight easier on the kids and help them adjust to the time difference.
  • Hawaii state law requires car seats for children under three. So either bring your child’s car seat or rent one when you get to Kauai.

Renting Accessories for Babies and
Kids on Kauai

If you’ll be needing any of the following:

Car seat
Baby crib
Baby swings
Booster seats
High chairs

…then try:

Ready Rentals
Phone: 1-800-599-8008
Kauai phone: 823-8008
Note: This place also offers wheel chair rentals.

Finding Babysitters on Kauai

While on Kauai you may find yourself wanting to do some activities that the kids can’t be a part of. Well don’t worry – on Kauai babysitters abound. Not only that, you usually don’t have to go very far to find them. Simply ask the front desk where you’re staying. Virtually all Kauai hotels, vacation rentals and lodges will provide you with lists of professional babysitting services.

You can also try these:

Babysitters of Kauai
(808) 632-2252
PO Box 3546
Lihue, Kauai, HI 96766

Kauai Babysitting Co
(808) 652-5373
Lihue, Kauai HI 96766

Nana’s Babysitting Service
(808) 634-3048

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3 Responses to “Traveling Kauai With Kids”

  1. cassandra alaniz Said,

    this website is awsome im taking a vacation over there with my mom and this website ancwerd all of my quiestions im soo glad i found it i now know how too have a safe trip thank you!!

  2. Karyn Poulton Said,

    Aloha ~

    I just started Kauai Baby Rentals. All my equipment is new. Our goal is to provide comfort for your keiki whether you’re visiting or local. We have a large inventory of quality gear. All equipment is cleaned, sanitized and safety checked prior to delivery. We also offer other services including Convenience Shopping, Concierge Services, Special Events Planning, Check-In Meal Service, and Lei/Refreshment Airport Greeting.We are dedicated to offer professional service with ALOHA.

  3. Mary Ellen Summers Said,

    So I just left Kauai and super bummed I couldn’t stay longer. My husband and I with our 2 kids traveled and I realized when we got there that the hotel did not provide cribs, so when I asked a hotel worker they suggested “kauai baby gear”, so I went online and had my baby gear delivered that afternoon, they were super friendly, helpful and since the owner had kids also we talked about fun things to do for my kids while we were here. I highly recommend their service for anyone who loves outstanding cutomer service and quality gear. I miss kauai!!!!