Kauai Public Transportation

If, for some reason, you just really don’t want to rent a car, then you have two public transportation options on Kauai – bus or taxi. I stated this in another Kauai transportation article, but in case you missed it, I recommend renting a car. Buses won’t take you everywhere you want to go and taxis cost too much.

Kauai’s Bus System

Kauai’s bus service has a really creative name. I bet you’d never be able to guess it – it’s called… THE KAUAI BUS. I told you it was creative!

Bus fares are $1.50 and $15 for a monthly pass. It travels from Kekaha to Hanalei with stops all across the main highway. The bus can take you to most of the islands major sites, but not all of them.

If you really want to save money, you can just take the bus to travel around the main parts of Kuai, and only rent a car to go see the places the buses don’t go.

If you use Kauai Bus for transportation, here are some of the bus rules you should know:

  • No food or drink
  • No smoking
  • No profanity
  • No drop-offs at undesignated bus stops
  • Carry-ons must not be larger than 9” x 14” x 22”

To get more info and a bus schedule, call the County of Kauai Transportation Agency at (808) 214-6410 from 7AM to 5PM Monday through Saturday. Also see the Kauai Bus Schedule on www.kauai.gov.

Kauai Taxi Services

Your only other alternative for Kauai public transportation are Kauai’s taxi services. The tree main ones are:

  • North Shore Cab, which you can call at 639-7829.
  • Akiko’s Taxi on the east shore can be reached at 822-7588.
  • City Cab on the south shore can be reached at 245-3227.

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One Response to “Kauai Public Transportation”

  1. Todd Hendryx Said,

    I find The Kauai Bus, service very good…..Please NOTE - the Monthly Pass is now $20.00, still a very good Deal, the Drivers are Freindly, and display much Aloha, to riders who are confused and to the Malahini,, who are clueless……Todd