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Kauai Flora – Flowers, Trees and Fruits of the Garden Isle

Kauai’s abundant flora has led to its nickname of “The Garden Isle” – and deservedly so. In many ways, Kauai is like a gigantic tropical botanical garden. The island is literally teeming with numerous varieties of exotic flowers, trees, fruits and other forms of beautiful, green plant life. »


Kauai Weather – How It Will Affect Your Vacation

The weather in Kauai is rainy – and that is a good thing! Yeah that’s right, I say the rain is good. Many people hear that the weather in Kauai is rainy, so they fear the rain may spoil their vacation. But nothing could be further from the truth. »


Learn About Kauai, Hawaii

Kauai, Hawaii - many refer to it as "The Garden Isle" and for good reason. Few islands in the world can match the lush tropical beauty of Kauai. In my opinion, it’s quite simply one of God’s finest works of art. This wondrous tropical Eden even smells great, thanks to the frequent rain showers. »